Compare gas prices to save money on your next heating bill

In a month of what can only be described as extreme weather conditions, it might be time to acknowledge that the wet weather is probably here to stay.

And while most Australians are still clinging to the hope that summer might peek out from behind the clouds, others are looking for innovative ways to cut back on their heating costs.

With this in mind, it could be time to start saving dollars where you need them most and compare gas prices before they creep up on you in the form of your next bill.

But there are ways of keeping warm on wet and dreary nights without blowing your budget or ruining the environment.

In fact, it is easy to make small changes that will not have a negative impact on your lifestyle.

The easiest thing to do is lower the temperature on your heating unit by as little as one degree - as this is a tried and tested approach when it comes to cost savings.

Another sure fire tip is to clean any filters that may be attached to air-conditioners on a monthly basis, as this will improve their efficiency making heating a faster and cleaner process.

Make sure that you place floor heaters in a place where they get maximum air flow and away from furniture - it seems obvious but couches are one of the main causes of blocked airways in households around the nation.

If you are keen on hot showers in the cooler months then stop to consider the effect ventilators can have on your home - research shows they can suck the hot air out of relatively enclosed areas in next to no time.

The same rule applies to open doors and unoccupied rooms - these spaces are well known for their ability to cool houses, which is a good reason to keep them closed in the winter when temperatures are already heading south.

For those who have a keen sense of direction - which means being able to tell your left and right without double guessing - a great natural heating idea is to leave blinds open during the day to let any light in, but drawn in the evening in order to trap those extra degrees.

Individuals who are worried about bills may also find that rugging up and going to bed with a hot water bottle can be just as effective as an electric blanket.

Posted by Callum Flemming