Community solar program addresses electricity price rises

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Residents in Central Queensland are taking advantage of Watt Else - a new community program that allows everyday households to buy solar power at a reduced price.

The concept of bulk buying has already been applied to a number of consumer goods - such as spa treatments and restaurant meals - however in this case it is solar panels which are being sold in large numbers at a reduced price.

Co-founders Rhodes Watson and Martin Carlin saw a market for the idea after noting the public's desire to buy solar panels in an effort to reduce the impact of rising electricity prices on the household budget.

Watson says: "What we do is ask applicants how much power they use and first suggest ways they can cut their usage, then we size a solar system at a price the applicants can afford, to reduce or even eliminate their power bill."

The program has been labelled a huge success, with hundreds of homes now being able to install the rooftop systems at a cheaper price.

Consumers outside of Central Queensland are not currently able to participate in the scheme - however there are other options available to them to cut electricity bills.

By contacting a switching service, consumers may be able to find an electricity supplier in their regions who can offer a cheaper rate for energy used in the home.