Community energy initiative helps households cut bills

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An upcoming conference will assist communities in cutting their power bills by adopting clean energy technology.

The Community Power Conference will take place in Bendigo on November 14 and 15, featuring a range of information sessions and talks that will benefit households, businesses and town centres.

Professor John Martin of La Trobe University's Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities says that attendees will gain an invaluable insight from many speakers who have proven the potential for such programs in their areas.

Martin says: "Many are far enough down the track to share what they’ve learnt so we see this conference as a key opportunity for other communities, local, state and the federal governments and regional development interests to come see and suck up the enthusiasm for this stuff."

Some of the case studies being discussed involve solar projects in Ballarat and Bendigo, whilst others focus on wind farms and biomass.

Martin says that many regional areas are beginning to experience the benefits of making the switch.

He says: “They can see the jobs, they can see the opportunities renewable energy brings and
they want to protect themselves against rising energy prices."

Renewable energy technology is a great way for people to save on electricity prices, along with switching suppliers should they be able to find a cheaper rate.

Posted by Charlie Moore