Commsec report confirms some states doing better than others

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New data from Commsec has confirmed that while Australians living in WA may be prospering, the rest of the country isn't doing as well.

The State of the States report, released July 20, sought to assess all eight Australian territories based on factors such as economic growth, retail spending, unemployment and population growth.

The results showed that while WA has seen continued prosperity brought on by the resources boom, other states such as NSW and South Australia have languished behind.

"Western Australia is clearly Australia's best-performing economy," said CommSec's chief economist and author of the study Craig James.

"So much so, that it is probably more appropriate to look at two concepts to measure the national economy - Australia, and Australia less Western Australia."

While Victoria was placed in the middle ranking of economies alongside ACT, Queensland and the Northern Territory, Commsec suggested that its position could slip due to the impact of a softer job market.

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Posted by Callum Fleming