Combat rising electricity prices with DIY home maintenance

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In today's unpredictable economic climate, it's important to constantly be on the lookout for clever ways to combat rising electricity prices and slash your weekly utility bills.

Did you know that there are a few simple DIY jobs you can do in your spare time that will make your home more energy efficient and therefore save you money?

This weekend, why not dig out your tools and head down to the hardware shop to help make your home more comfortable and cheaper to live in this winter.

Block up any drafts or leaks

By taking the time to block up any drafts or leaks in your home, you can help prevent heat from escaping and therefore reduce your dependence on electric heaters and other such power-hungry devices.

An easy way to figure out whether you have a poor seal around a door or window is by holding a lit candle up to the crack and watching the flame. If it flickers you might have a leak!

If you do find a leak, you might try filling it with caulk or another such sealant. Depending on the type of leak it may also be necessary to replace the seals around the window or door in question.

Install new curtains

If you have any windows without curtains then it can be worthwhile installing these before the colder months of winter arrive.

Because trapped air does not conduct heat well, the pocket of oxygen created between the curtain and the window will serve as an insulator and prevent the heat from escaping your home.

Thus, this is another way in which you can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend using electrical heaters and blankets.

Replace your light bulbs with energy efficient alternatives

If you are still using older, inefficient incandescent light bulbs now might be a great time to replace them with newer compact fluorescent energy efficient light bulbs.

These bulbs might cost more to buy at the supermarket, but they use much less energy and will also last longer as well, so the net gain is well worth the initial investment!

Remember that you can save even more money on your power bills by conducting an electricity comparison test and determining whether you are with the right electricity supplier for your needs.