Cold weather returns to NSW, Victoria

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With summer on the horizon, many Australians would probably have been hoping that the worst of winter was over.

That doesn't seem to be the case however, with much of the country experiencing some seriously chilly conditions over the last week.

Earlier today (August 10) Weatherzone confirmed reports of snowfall in the Blue Mountains, which are located west of Sydney. A severe weather warning is also in place for eastern New South Wales, with winds gusting up to 100 km/hour along the coast.

Meanwhile Melbournites are recovering from a particularly cold week. Temperatures on Wednesday (August 8) and Thursday (August 9) were hovering around just 11 degrees celsius, the coldest back-to-back days recorded in the region for five years.

"It has been brought about by cloud and rain then very cold winds. Yesterday we had cloud and rain ahead of a front, today we have very cold winds in the wake of the vigorous front," Weatherzone meteorologist Brett Dutschke said yesterday.

The news is poorly timed for many Australians who might be struggling to heat up their homes due to the impact of rising electricity prices.

To help combat this, we recommend making sure that all your doors and windows are shut and that your curtains are closed at night in order to trap the warmth inside.

Also, consider putting on a sweatshirt and some winter clothes instead of pumping up the electric heater, as this could make a big difference to your monthly utility bills. 

Posted by Charlie Moore