Clover Moore says reducing energy bills is possible

While debate continues in Australia over the relative pros and cons of the carbon tax, City of Sydney lord mayor Clover Moore MP has pointed to a number of initiatives and programs in place that may help offset the impact of the tax for residents in the NSW capital.

"The City also has a range of sustainability programs in place for both residents and businesses to help reduce energy consumption and energy bills," Moore asserted last Thursday (November 10) in her City Conversations - How the Carbon Price Affects You speech.

"The programs will also help reduce the costs associated with carbon pricing," she added.

Moore referred to programs such as Smart Business Live Green, which aims to help small business reduce energy, water and waste, as well as CitySwitch Green Office and Better Buildings Partnership.

She asserted: "These are hard-headed business leaders who recognised the commercial advantage of reducing their carbon emissions and some already operate stand-alone local energy systems for their buildings."

The Green Apartment Buildings program is focused on aiding residents to reign in the environmental footprint of their building, Moore stated.

Sydney residents and businesses keen to lower the electricity prices of their current provider may benefit from speaking with a switching service about alternatives.

Posted by Charlie Moore