Cloud computing can slash electricity expenses, new study claims

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Cloud computing is already changing the way in which many SMEs across Australia do business - but could it someday be the answer to their energy woes as well?

A new report funded by Google and conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Northwestern University in the US has suggested just that.

According to the case study - entitled The Energy Efficiency Potential of Cloud-Based Software - moving to the cloud can save upwards of 87 per cent of the electricity consumed by IT solutions.

That could be big news for businesses across Australia currently grappling with rising electricity prices and an unstable economic climate.

The intention of the study was to come up with a reliable model which people can use to analyse the impact of cloud computing in terms of electricity consumption and environmental effects.

"We can’t fly by the seat of our pants when it comes to assessing sustainability," explained report lead author Eric Masanet in a statement released June 11.

"We need numbers - hard data - to properly analyse how cloud computing compares to how computing is done now."

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