Climate Spectator: Wind power major contributor to SA's electricity

South Australian consumers keeping an eye on electricity prices may want to consider the contribution that wind is making to the energy needs of their state, according to a report from the Climate Spectator.

As the largest producer of wind energy in the country, SA hosts 51 per cent of all installed capacity - otherwise known as the amount of power a wind farm has the ability to generate.

Today, (March 29) the Climate Spectator's Tristan Edis described the state as an "unintentional real-world laboratory" which could be used to demonstrate how wind energy could play a role in future energy supply development. 

"So far the experience in South Australia has helped to bust a number of myths about wind power," he stated.

Infigen Energy data showed the results of one night's (March 23) worth of electricity consumption from midnight to 17:35 - wind power was the dominant energy supplier for this whole period.

While acknowledging that it is not a total replacement option for other sources of power, Mr Edis said that the example of SA's wind power use is a positive one.

"Wind can substantially reduce the need for fossil fuel consumption to meet our need for electrical energy… and therefore reduce carbon dioxide emissions."

Posted by Charlie Moore