Climate monitoring company grabs business of the year

NSW businesses may wish to take note of a company who recently won a prestigious City of Sydney Business of the Year Award for 2012.

The company Climate Friendly works with businesses and households alike to help them mitigate their carbon emissions output.

This may be a great opportunity for households to find out how environmentally friendly their electricity supplier is.

Lord mayor Clover Moore said the award recognised the company's hard work and innovation in a council statement today (October 11).

“Climate Friendly has become a market leader in their sector by engaging the community and helping a wide range of homes and business to do something about climate change. Despite challenging economic times, this business has managed solid growth."

The organisation based in Woolloomooloo wowed the Business Awards judging panel with their innovative approach to helping residents combat climate change.

Climate Friendly offers a wide range of ideas about how people can use energy more efficiently and also has online calculators which help households and businesses determine their carbon footprints.

The company said that their projects have saved over 2 million tonnes of greenhouse gases, which is the equivalent of removing over 530 cars off the road.

This may provide a great incentive for businesses to reassess whether their processes are energy efficient.