Climate Commission optimistic about renewable future

The Climate Commission has stated that by 2030, renewable technologies like wind and solar could be cheaper than coal. 
Tim Flannery, the chief commissioner of the Climate Commission, said that it may already be less expensive to install roof solar panels in areas with high electricity prices such as parts of south-west Western Australia.

He commented, as reported by Fairfax: "If you had looked at penetration of mobile phones into the market 15 years ago, you would have seen a similar sort of thing.

''These technological changes can happen incredibly quickly.''

Currently about three quarters of a million homes and businesses have installed solar panels.

The aim is for Australia to double its usage of renewable resources to 20 per cent by 2020, with 66 per cent of our current renewable consumption coming from hydro electrics.

The report, entitled The Critical Decade: Generating a Renewable Australia, outlines that through pricing emissions and offering incentives for people to invest in technologies like solar, investment has grown renewables.

Nearly 75 per cent of Australia's electricity production comes from coal.

Posted by Charlie Moore