Climate change 'an important issue in Australia'

The government is making every effort to help homes and businesses make informed decisions on their electricity suppliers and gas prices, one politician has suggested.

Greg Combet, federal minister for climate change and energy efficiency, said there is sufficient evidence that carbon pollution is a problem and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

"Our Clean Energy Future plan is driving investment in clean and renewable energy, helping households and businesses make energy efficiency savings and cutting carbon pollution," he explained.

"Labor accepts the scientific advice that climate change is real and will impose economic and environmental costs on future generations if it is not tackled."

Mr Combet highlighted the importance of providing schemes that not only reduce the country's carbon footprint, but also drive investment in clean energy technology.

He argued that Opposition leader Tony Abbott has nothing to offer Australians apart from higher tax bills.

The minister said Mr Abbott does not accept current recommendations from either the scientific or economic community, which undermines any future policy suggestions.

One of the ways in which the Gillard government is ensuring projects make economic sense is through the carbon price, Mr Combet continued, with the initiative ensuring funding is available for energy efficiency ventures.

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Posted by Charlie Moore