Clean Energy Finance Corporation will supercharge solar, says AuSES

With the trend toward more sustainable energy sources for households, businesses and industries, there are now more options - and funding - for people to make use of when considering switching electricity suppliers.

The Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES) has welcomed the progression of the Clean Energy Finance Council (CEFC), with establishing legislation introduced to Parliament this week (May 24), saying that it will "supercharge solar throughout Australia".

The organisation said that the CEFC will help unlock substantial investment in community-based, commercial-scale and Big Solar projects.

Because of its economic benefits the cost of Big Solar is declining rapidly, according to AuSES, while the price of power that contributes to pollution is continuing to rise.

Private finance will be freed up with this legislation, ready to be invested in solar projects across the country - which will help Australia catch up with other countries that are already looking after solar interests.

"Investment by the CEFC needs to be additional to the Renewable Energy Target.  Australia already has a 20 per cent renewable energy target, and the CEFC investment should allow Australia to move even closer to building a stronger, cleaner economy. Solar will play a key role in powering our cleaner economy."

Posted by Charlie Moore