Clean Energy Council welcomes sustainability-focused Budget

Energy consumers with a mind for sustainability - or those who would simply like to keep household and business costs down - may be interested to know about the 2012 federal Budget announcement yesterday (May 8).

Funding for cleaner and more economical energy can lead to a better-regulated industry - which can mean financial benefits for consumers with electricity prices and other utility costs becoming more systematic.

With that in mind, the Clean Energy Council (CEC) has backed the government's decision to invest in an energy-efficient future for Australia.

Along with the National Renewable Energy Target - set at 20 per cent by the year 2020 - the federal commitment to other programs for the support and advancement of clean power development, delivery and consumption was welcomed by the CEC.

Chief executive Kane Thornton asserted: "With the cost of renewable energy falling faster than expected while fossil fuel based electricity generation costs continue to rise, investment in clean energy now will help us to avoid price shocks in the future.

"This budget will set the nation up for a transition to cleaner sources of energy."

While Mr Thornton expressed disappointment at the abolishment of the Tax Breaks for Green Buildings program, he was hopeful that the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and Low Carbon Australia could fill the gap and continue to encourage energy efficiency in the building industry.

Posted by Charlie Moore