Class action suit against Vodafone

A law firm is filing a class action suit against Vodafone Australia, with compensation claims amounting to the tens of millions of dollars.

After securing funding from LCM Litigation Fund, law firm Piper Alderman has announced that it will proceed with the claim.

The suit is for failing to provide a reliable mobile network for Vodafone's customers.

LCM spokesperson Patrick Coote told The Australian that this could be a very damaging case for the telco giant.

He said: "LCM is happy funding the class action against Vodafone.

"We think many customers didn't receive full value for the service that they paid for and they're entitled to claim their losses against Vodafone."

Vodafone has been stigmatised with poor service for a number of years, dating back to 2010 when there was an exodus of customers.

Since then, the telco has been trying to win back patrons while trying to fend off negative attention, such as the website "Vodafail".

LCM has assured those in the class action that if the suit fails, they will bear full financial responsibility. If the case is settled before the end of May, LCM is entitled to 15 per cent of any winnings - after May, it jumps to 33 per cent.

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Posted by Eve Gillespie