City of Sydney to help cut electricity costs

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A new program will help residents save on electricity prices by investigating areas for improvement in apartment building energy efficiency.

City of Sydney's Smart Green Apartments initiative aims to promote sustainable development practices in the building sector.

According to the council's official website: "Working with a range of buildings in the City of Sydney area, this program will identify how much energy and water a building is consuming, and show how and when to make changes to reduce consumption, improve efficiency and save money."

The initiative will be conducted over five years, with phase one currently underway.

Lord mayor Clover Moore says: "Three-quarters of the population in the inner city already live in apartments and within 20 years half the state's population will too. So it makes sense that we work with them to help them reduce energy and water consumption."

A total of 30 buildings will be eligible for subsidised water rates and energy and waste assessments.

Experts will evaluate the cost to convert buildings into more energy efficient dwellings, reducing consumption and helping residents and building owners save money.

The program will involve consultation with strata managers, technical consultations and building superintendents.