City of Sydney facing once in a lifetime opportunity, suggests ALP candidate

Australian Labor Party candidate Linda Scott believes Sydney is now facing a once in a lifetime opportunity to move power lines underground alongside the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN).

According to Ms Scott, underground power lines are safer, more reliable, more energy efficient and cheaper to maintain than their above ground counterparts, perhaps meaning that this could be way to reduce electricity prices in the future.

"If elected, Sydney Labor will conduct a feasibility study to determine how to harness the NBN rollout to put telegraph cables underground," pledged Ms Scott last month (August 12).

"With assistance from the commonwealth government through the NBN, the state government through Transgrid’s undergrounding program, and support from private providers and the City of Sydney, we could underground ugly overhead cables in all residential streets in the City of Sydney Local Government Area over the next four years."

According to the ALP, an underground power program in Western Australia has already seen more than 52 per cent of the electricity lines in Perth shifted underground. 

The National Broadband Network is currently being unrolled across Australia with the intent of creating the country's first national wholesale-only, open access, high-speed broadband network.

Posted by Charlie Moore