Choose energy efficient appliances to save money

Springtime is a new beginning - so why not opt to start afresh and update some of your older electrical appliances at home?

Buying a new appliance gives you the opportunity to make a more eco-friendly choice, which may also reduce your energy bill.

Deciding to switch to energy saving appliances can be beneficial for you for a couple of reasons.

Each appliance has an energy star rating, which gives you an idea of how much energy the product consumes and it also lists the appliance's annual energy usage.

This is because these products use less electricity when they are being used which has the potential to reduce electricity prices.

According to the living greener Australian Government website - appliances consume about 30 per cent of your household energy.

With rising electricity prices - now seems like a great time to consider the cost benefits of switching some of your older appliances to energy smart ones.

Taking the time to consider buying an energy efficient appliance can save you more money over time.

Even if you opt to buy a cheaper product now - it may cost you and the environment more in the long-term.