Cheap ways of avoiding the summer heat

Australia is known for its extreme weather, with Dorothea Mackellar's poem perfectly summarising it - "I love a sunburnt country....of drought and flooding rain."

Subsequently, consumers can be slogged with big power bills as a result of attempting to remain comfortable during the heat.

To remain cool whilst insulating your wallet from rising electricity prices, consider a few of these summer tips.

1.    Don't underestimate the power of an oscillating fan as it can reduce the temperature of a room with less power than an air-conditioning unit. By closing off doors to other rooms, you concentrate the cooling effect in a specific area of the house.

2.    Have a cool shower before bed. During the hotter months of the year, resist the temptation to have a warm wash before bed. Sleeping through heat is quite tough, so anything you can do to improve your comfort is worth attempting.

3.    On the days where there is even a modicum of cool wind, open up your doors and windows to create any sort of cross breeze. Even the tiniest amount can be utilised and works surprisingly well.

Posted by Charlie Moore