Change to GEMS legislation focuses on energy efficiency

A recent change to the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) legislation passed in parliament may be worth noting for households interested in ways to use energy more efficiently.

The modification of the GEM legislation will transfer Australia's existing Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) program to a national framework.

A key advantage of this change to legislation is that the GEMS legislation will supersede seven state and territory legislations with one single national law.

Additionally, it will replace four existing state regulators with one national energy efficiency regulator.

This law change is part of the Council of Australian Government's 2009 commitment to introduce national ruling to regulate energy efficiency equipment and expand energy efficiency supervision into new product areas.

The aim is for these modifications to address inefficiencies and inconsistencies that have arisen since it has been under state regulation over the last two decades.

This change to the legislations will also mean the E3 program can expand into new product areas, which in turn will create greater efficiency and has the potential to reduce electricity prices.

Some of the areas the regulation will focus on will include insulation and window glass.

This type of development may provide a reminder for households to monitor electricity prices.