Change in situations can call for a new energy supplier

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Your energy bill is directly tied to the amount of electricity you use, so any increase or reduction can affect the amount you pay.

For that reason, any change in situation can alter your energy needs and possibly necessitate a change in provider to more adequately cater for your requirements.

A common large change is when children move out from their parents' home.

With an entire person's portion of electricity usage removed from the equation, your total home usage may fall and you may benefit by switching to a more competitive rate.

The same can be said when additional people move in and you're expecting a jump in bills.

A period of change can be a great time to evaluate your options with electricity suppliers.

Other situation shifts can be occupants already living at a residence changing the amount of time spent in the house.

Sudden unemployment will mean a drop in income and may also result in an increase in time spent at home - affecting electricity usage.

A similar example is when people who work from home move into an office complex with its own electricity arrangement, meaning their use at home is no longer related to hours spent at work.