Cemetery apologises for blaming carbon tax for price increases

With the federal government's new carbon tax forcing electricity suppliers to raise electricity prices across the state, it can be expected that the price of a few services will increase.

However one family were likely quite shocked when they were informed that the cost of their father's burial plot would be raised by $55 due to the carbon price.

Several news agencies ran with the story on Monday (July 9), but industry representatives have since refuted the claims and asserted that the carbon tax would have no foreseeable impact on funeral prices.

"There is no price increase due to the carbon tax. Our fees go up every year on 1 July and that's in line with CPI and they have done for 30-odd years," said Rebecca Atkins of the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust.

Springvale Cemetery has since apologised to the family involved for the misunderstanding, and it seems both parties are happy with the outcome.

Minister for climate change and energy efficiency Greg Combet took the opportunity to remind businesses that they have an obligation to be honest and accurate when adjusting prices due to the carbon tax in a statement released June 9.

Families that are worried about the real impact of the carbon tax should consider an electricity comparison check in order to fully evaluate the options available to them.

Posted by Charlie Moore