Cellphone users aren't afraid of switching to the best mobile plan available

A new global survey from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council has revealed that cellphone users aren't afraid of switching to the best mobile plan available if they think their current one isn't up to scratch.

According to the CMO report, only 29 per cent - less than third - of cellphone subscribers consider themselves loyal to their phone plan provider.

Conversely, 41 per cent say that they are indifferent, on the fence, or considering cancellation when it comes to their current phone service provider relationship.

At the same time, consumers aren't afraid of lodging a complaint if they think that their current mobile plan isn't up to scratch.

More than 40 per cent of mobile subscribers claim that they will be willing to lodge a complaint if they have a poor experience with their service provider, while 36 per cent will cancel their service.

These results come from a new report sponsored by Ricoh entitled What's Critical in the Telecommunications Vertical, which saw 1,660 mobile subscribers from around the globe surveyed on how they interacted with phone providers.

"Consumers are seeking fast, reliable, and predictable access to services and experiences they initiate using their mobile devices," said vice president of marketing programs for the CMO Council Liz Miller in a statement issued August 30.

"While they can't live without their mobile devices, they certainly aren't hesitant to vocalize their dissatisfactions and express their freedom of choice in selecting another service provider."

If you aren't satisfied with your current mobile provider, it might be worthwhile taking the time to compare phone plans and determine whether or not there's a better option out there.

Posted by Eve Gillespie