Ceiling insulation incentives may ease power prices

Households may want to keep track of developments concerning ceiling insulation incentives in Victoria.

The state government announced on September 20 that it is in the process of deciding whether to offer homeowners enticements to install ceiling insulation.
It is part of the state's Energy Saver Incentive Scheme and the government will announce a decision once they have considered the results of a recent public consultation.
"The government is committed to promoting energy efficiency measures that help households and businesses keep their bills down and reduce greenhouse gas emissions," state energy and resources minister Michael O'Brien said.

Mr O'Brien added that the government was now in discussions with the relevant authorities and once those talks had concluded that a decision would be publicised.

He added that the Department of Primary Industries needed time to discuss the issues which came up during the public consultation.

Offering incentives to install more ceiling insulation could really benefit Victorians. In particular the government needs to make sure there is enough training in place to ensure insulation would be installed correctly by qualified individuals, Mr O'Brien commented.

Greater ceiling insulation can help to keep homes warmer in winter and has the potential to reduce electricity prices

It may be wise for households to monitor these developments and investigate how insulation may help your household reduce the cost of power.

Posted by Charlie Moore