CEC: Consumers need fair payments for solar electricity

Electricity suppliers need to give consumers a fair price for the energy they generate, a new report has suggested.

Over recent years, solar power systems and other renewable energy sources have grown in popularity - but are people receiving what they deserve in return for helping the environment?

Findings from the Clean Energy Council suggest not, especially after the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission (VCEC) made recommendations on how the state's feed-in tariff should operate.

It suggested that a payment of between six and eight cents per kilowatt hour should be given to those who generate their own electricity, which the Clean Energy Council does not believe is enough.

Instead, the group has proposed 12 to 16 cent per kilowatt hour as a reasonable amount to pay those who offset increasing electricity prices.

As part of the VCEC assessment of feed-in tariffs, Victorians have been asked to put forward their views on the current scheme before a finalised report is delivered on July 13.

Treasurer Kim Wells said that people need to be given a fair reward for renewable energy they feed back into the grid.

Posted by Charlie Moore