Cash-strapped Australians cutting back on holidays

Australian families are downscaling their holiday activities due to cost of living pressures, says a survey by Newspoll.

The survey was conducted on behalf of Sydney public relations firm Crossman Communications and reports that of the 1,200 Australians between the ages of 18 and 64 polled, 55 per cent are skipping their usual Christmas holiday in favour of shorter breaks and trips to local attractions.

According to the results reported by News Ltd, 54 per cent are holidaying for a week or less and 42 per cent plan to say with friends and relatives.

It also showed low-income families aren't the only households feeling the pinch - the survey revealed that 48 per cent of those earning more than $80,000 and 54 per cent of Australians earning between $40,000 and $79,000 planned to stay at home altogether.

The findings are in keeping with another survey conducted by online travel company Expedia that found that uncertain economic times and tighter budgets are making Australians hesitant to take annual leave.

This study revealed that the average Australian worker is shorting themselves by around five days of annual leave each year, indicating the hardworking spirt of the nation in uncertain economic times.

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Posted by Callum Fleming