Carbon tax not solely to blame for increasing electricity prices

Households interested in electricity prices may wish to keep track of the debate about the impact of the carbon tax on energy bills.

Last week (October 11), climate change and energy efficiency minister Greg Combet highlighted another instance in which opposition leader Tony Abbott has been misleading Australians about the impact of the carbon duty on power bills.

Under the carbon tax scheme, Australia's largest polluters are now required to pay for the carbon emissions they produce.The carbon tax is not applicable for small businesses and households.

The discussion heated up on October 10 when Mr Abbott made a claim that the carbon tax had increased the energy bill of a West Australian pensioner.
Mr Combet said Mr Abbott was relaying misinformed information because one of the reasons that the bill had risen was due to rising electricity prices in general and not solely due to the implementation of the tax, as Mr Abbott had suggested.

"It is cowardly to spend months misleading and frightening pensioners about electricity prices and to use their bills as fodder for a political stunt," Mr Combet added.

In addition to this Mr Abbott failed to say that the pensioner's bill had stated that the carbon tax had increased the bill by 9.13 per cent but this was in line with what the Treasury had already predicted, Mr Combet reiterated.

This may provide a good time for households to seek more advice on their electricity bills and perhaps consider comparing electricity prices across a few different suppliers to find the best deal for your needs.

Posted by Charlie Moore