Carbon tax funding goes to worthy cause

The federal government's carbon price legislation, which now requires heavy polluters to pay tax on the amount of carbon emissions they are responsible for, has caused controversy for its effect on the cost of living across Australia.

One area which has been notably affected has been electricity prices, which electricity suppliers have been forced to increase in order to remain profitable.

But it may be some consolation to homeowners to learn that this money is going towards positive causes, such as a recently announced NRM Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Research Grants Program.

This initiative will see $8 million worth of money raised through the carbon tax directed towards informing natural resource management organisations about the impact of climate change.

"Understanding the impacts of a changing climate at a regional level is important to guide sustainable land management," said parliamentary secretary for climate change and energy efficiency Mark Dreyfus upon launching the program yesterday (August 23).

"This program will improve the capacity of regional organisations to plan for climate change and capitalise on the opportunities provided by the government's Carbon Farming Initiative and the Biodiversity Fund."

Posted by Charlie Moore