Carbon tax fact sheets to educate Australians

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Several electricity suppliers are planning to include carbon tax fact sheets with monthly utility bills across Australia in an effort to explain the role of the tax on increased energy prices.

The government sponsored initiative comes in response to claims from the opposition that the controversial carbon price will have massive impacts on the household budget of Australians. 

"The government is determined to ensure households get the facts about electricity prices instead of the myths they have been fed by the opposition over the last 16 months," said climate change minister Greg Combet yesterday (July 3).

"The fact is the carbon price will make up only $9 out of every $100 on the average household electricity bill, and the government is providing tax cuts, higher family payments and pensions to assist households for this impact."

However residents in Western Australia and Queensland will not receive the flyers after their respective state governments moved to block the initiative.

Many families will receive compensation and tax cuts to help cope with the impact of the carbon tax, which was introduced Sunday July 1. However many businesses have spoken out saying that the legislation will hurt the national economy. 

Posted by Charlie Moore


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