Carbon tax could save Australia millions in health costs

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The federal government's carbon price has caused a great deal of debate, mainly for its impact on electricity prices and the cost of living across Australia.

However a new report from the Climate and Health Alliance and the Climate Institute entitled Our Uncashed Dividend: The Health Benefits of Climate Action has revealed that the economic and health positives of clean energy initiatives might outweigh the negatives.

The report points to a recent global study which suggested that for every tonne of carbon dioxide emission that a country manages to eliminate, they could save potentially save upwards of $46 in health costs.

"Evidence from around the world suggests we’re missing out if we don’t cash in on the big health dividend that cutting emissions can deliver," said report author and CAHA convenor Fiona Armstrong today (August 14).

"Cleaner energy, cycling and walking, protecting bushland, energy efficient buildings and low-carbon food choices all contribute to less chronic illnesses, including heart and lung disease, certain cancers, obesity, diabetes, and depression."

According to the report, coal-fired electricity suppliers cost the community $2.6 billion a year in health costs. It is believed that carbon dioxide air pollution is thought to contribute to more deaths annually then the road toll.

Posted by Charlie Moore