Carbon tax and small businesses

For small business operators, balancing operating expenses and encouraging profitability can often be a challenge.

Utilities can also be an important part of these financial concerns - and the impending carbon tax, set to commence on July 1 this year, may well be causing some small business owners some concern.

While electricity prices will be affected across the board, the federal government initiative Clean Energy Future has some advice for small businesses in particular, to help assuage some of the impact of increased costs.

According to the organisation, there will be no increased red tape for SMEs as they will have no reporting or compliance obligations.

However the rising costs to larger business may be passed on to smaller ones via increased electricity bills.

The commonwealth government has pledged $40 million towards the Energy Efficiency Information Grants program, which will provide small to medium businesses practical advice about how they can reduce their energy costs and boost efficiency.

Using energy wisely in your business will help you to reduce the impact of any increase in costs related to the introduction of the carbon tax.

Also remember that undertaking a price comparison can be a good idea, to check that you are getting the best deal from your power supplier.

Posted by Charlie Moore