Capital city mayors tackle affordability

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Lord mayors from Australia's capital cities have united to tackle the issues of congestion, emissions and poor affordability for their citizens.

Representatives from capital cities are working together with peak industry associations in order to help foster improved living environments in major population hubs by addressing productivity and the cost of living.

Rob Valentine, lord mayor of Hobart and chair of the Council of Capital City Lord Mayors (CCLM) says that making progress in these areas is not just the sole responsibility of individual states.

Valentine says: "Our cities are not the sole domain of state, territory or local governments. While our cities are all unique, we need to harness their collective economic clout, minimise environmental harm and make them attractive and affordable places to live."

CCCLM has agreed on an agenda which it will work on over the coming month, declaring their intention to increase energy efficiency in buildings - with strong focus on pre-existing dwellings.

Inefficient usage of energy in apartments and housing complexes impacts on everyday Australians by increasing the cost of their electricity bill.

As electricity prices continue to rise, renters will likely welcome greater efficiency in the hope that it will have some kind of positive change concerning their expenditure outlays.

The group also aim to improve housing affordability - another obstacle facing many in our capital cities.

Posted by Charlie Moore