Canberra 'has the lowest electricity prices in Australia'

Households in Canberra benefit from the lowest electricity prices in the country, the ACT environment minister has claimed.

Simon Corbell said that while charges are about to increase 3.5 per cent in the territory, the average household pays around $1,000 less a year than a similar sized dwelling in Queanbeyan.

The increase in electricity prices was approved by the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC), with the organisation predicting it will see typical customers that use around 8,000 kWh annually paying $63 more a year.

"The ICRC reports that network charges account for just under two-thirds of the increase, while the Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme (EEIS) accounts for around one-third," said Mr Corbell.

"Network charges are mainly driven by investments required to ensure the network can support increased peak demand for electricity and also to support expansion into new residential suburbs."

The EEIS is expected to help lower bills for households taking part by offering sustainable upgrades that will save much more than they cost.

Data provided by ActewAGL Retail indicating the performance of the scheme over the first quarter revealed that it will lead to savings of approximately $118 for participating households in 2013-14.

Just below one-third of this will be in low-income households, Mr Corbell confirmed.

Posted by Charlie Moore