Campbelltown housing estates face high electricity bills

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Electricity bills in Campbelltown housing estates are worse than many other properties in the area, according to one community services manager.

Speaking to the Campbelltown Macarthur Advertiser, Kim Wearden, manager of the Reachout Centre of C3 Community Services in Airds, remarked that the higher bills may partially be due to inefficient insulation.

Other residents may not be aware of the impact of relying on costly short-term heating fixes to stay warm in the winter.

"They use fan heaters or leave their oven doors open, which is not an efficient heating choice for your home," she said.

Wearden added that many people think their bills are "extreme" until their usage is examined more closely.

But she urged consumers who think they may have legitimately received an electricity bill that is higher than it should be to take the problem up with their supplier.

People who are worried about electricity prices and are curious about whether better deals may be available may wish to enlist the help of a switching service, which can determine the best deals to be found in their area.

Making energy-efficient improvements and cutting back on electricity use can also be ways to reduce your next bill.

Posted by Charlie Moore