Calls for a debate into energy in NSW

Energy minister for New South Wales Chris Hartcher is supporting calls for a national debate on electricity prices and their impact on families.

The NSW Energy and Water Ombudsman is also demanding a debate on the energy industry and what the price rises have done to low and middle income families.

Hartcher says that his government is doing what it can to ensure that prices stabilise and that the working class can meet any increases through financial assistance.

"We have also commenced reform of the state’s three electricity distribution businesses to place downward pressure on network charges, which contribute to around half the total cost of electricity bills," he said.

While the state government is trying hard to assist families with these rises, it has appealed to the federal government to abandon the carbon tax, which the state Liberal party says is hurting those in the low and middle income bracket.

If you feel your energy provider is charging you too much, talk to a comparison and switching service.There may be a better deal available in your area that meets yours and your family's needs.

By Charlie Moore