Businesses to save money on server power

New research has predicted that personal computer and server power management software will save businesses tens of billions by 2015.

Pike Research have found that the market for this kind of software will expand five-fold over the next four years, as more and more businesses aim to reduce the impact of electricity prices on their bottom line.

IT operations currently waste a great deal of power, meaning that companies are paying more than necessary for electricity consumption.

Eric Woods, senior analyst at Pike Research says: "Using power management settings on a single PC could save 746 kWh of electricity in just a year, which translates into savings of almost $77.

"Yet, in 2010, only a little over one-fifth of users employed power management settings effectively."

It is hoped that such software will allow companies to save money, whilst still maintaining efficient levels of data availability and response times.

The key to widespread adoption of power management programs will be the ability to reduce power consumption, without sacrificing service or productivity.

Cost-conscious business owners who currently rely on servers and data centres may want to investigate how they can improve energy efficiency, as well as the possibility of switching electricity suppliers if there is a cheaper rate being offered in their region.

Posted by Charlie Moore