Building rating system extended to 6 stars

The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) has extended its rating scale to a maximum of six stars.

A six-star, or 'market leading', rating is now used to recognise the very best implementations of energy efficient strategies.

According to a statement on their official website: "The ultimate purpose of NABERS is to drive improved environmental performance."

"To ensure that NABERS continues to offer an aspirational target and to drive innovation and environmental improvement, a sixth star is being added to the existing rating scale."

The decision comes following a succession of properties which were deemed to be going above and beyond the existing requirements.

Eight office buildings will now have their rating upgraded to the new maximum, with a further 24 being awarded 5.5 stars.

NABERS was established to "help building owners and tenants reduce environmental impacts and costs" by encouraging energy and water efficiency, increased air quality and waste reduction.

The initiative highlights the positive impact that green buildings have on the environment and budgets.

Increases in energy efficiency typically lead to a reduction in electricity prices and are a great long-term strategy to save on overheads.