Broadband decision to affect mobile phone users?

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A decision by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to look into competition in the broadband market could have implications for anyone who wants the best mobile plan.

The ACCC has recognised that Telstra remains in a dominant position in both the retail and wholesale fixed-line markets, even in spite of a more competitive broadband infrastructure being launched.

However, the group has now moved to eradicate any impediments to the current structure, which could see internet service providers gaining access to Telstra's ADSL network on new terms.

As broadband and mobile phone services are often bundled, this could spell good news for consumers using both services.

Acting chairman of the ACCC Michael Schaper said: "As a result of these decisions, end-users can expect to have access to a greater range of competitive fixed-line broadband internet service offerings."

The inquiry will consider a number of aspects of the ADSL service, including an appropriate structure and level of pricing, as well as which terms of access should be considered in the final access determination.

A recent Telstra study identified that people are increasingly using their mobile phones for new purposes, such as dating and interacting with their friends.

Posted by Eve Gillespie