Breaking old habits leads to electricity savings

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Electricity prices have continued to increased over the past few years.

The strain on consumers is obvious, as prices seem to outpace inflation and income levels, so it's up to individual households to find ways to save.

With busy lifestyles leaving little time to plan major adjustments, it is important to be able to make quick and easy changes to old habits in order to save.

These can include simple switches, such as using clothes lines instead of dryers.

When it is raining, you may be tempted to use the dryer, however an indoor line or clothes horse will allow you to air-dry your items without using extra electricity.

For those times when a dryer is a must, trying using the warm setting instead of the hot as it uses less energy to run.

It also helps to let washing drip dry temporarily, saving the machine the hard work of evaporating excess water.

This can also be said of washing machines, where cold water is fine for most items, eliminating the need for energy-intensive warm cycles.

Other quick changes can be only turning the dishwasher on when it is full, rather than wasting electricity to clean a couple of items.