Bill payers would switch for $50, research finds

New research has found that more than one in ten bill payers would switch providers if they were guaranteed a reduction in their invoice of just $50.

That equates to just fewer than 600,000 consumers across the country.

Such is the pain of high electricity prices that a $100 cut in their power bills would see 42 per cent of the 1,000 people polled by Make It Cheaper switch to an alternate energy provider.

Victorians and Queenslanders were the most eager to defect for that amount of savings, followed by New South Wales.

A quarter of those polled said that they felt it was tough or actually impossible to make a change.

Managing director of Make It Cheaper Tim Wolfenden said that there will be more rises in power bills over the coming year and more and more people will be out of pocket.

He explained: "We have already seen the highest rate of disconnections reported in a decade with people struggling to pay their bills which have skyrocketed.

"Many people are still unaware that they have an option to switch and save up to $300 a year in some cases - which would certainly help many households across the country."