Biggest polluters reduce emissions

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Australia's three biggest polluting coal power stations have made big cuts to their output as a result of the carbon tax, rising electricity prices and a fall in demand for power.

A study has found the biggest reason behind the drop is that rising bills are resulting in customers reducing their consumption.

The survey was compiled by energy consultancy firm Pitt & Sherry, which uncovered this trend with its author, Hugh Saddler, saying this is quite an anomaly.

He commented: "This is the first time it has happened in the 120 years of the electricity industry that we have had a prolonged period of steadily falling demand and it is the first time we have had a period of steadily rising prices.

"We thought prices weren’t having an effect but we can't think that anymore."

The government said of the figures, that its proof the carbon tax is doing its job in lowering emissions, while the Coalition is keen to point out that cost of living is continuing to rise.

The three biggest polluters that have reduced their output are Hazelwood, Yallourn and Morwell - all located in Victoria.

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Posted by Charlie Moore