Bi-partisan support on committee recommendations for electricity prices

The coalition has backed a senate committee recommendation that would see electricity prices slashed through power companies switching off appliances during peak times from remote locations.

An investigation by a senate committee was established to determine the factors behind rising power bills and what measures can be implemented to reduce them.These include turning off appliances remotely during peak times.

Three senators from the coalition have given their support for the recommendation,which means that there is bipartisan support for the plan.

The committee chairman and Labor senator Matt Thistlewaite said that government heads - including the prime minister and state premiers as well as territory chief ministers, - would do well to accept the recommendations in this report and begin discussing implementation.

Other ideas brought forward to aid in the reduction of bills include allowing the Australian Energy Regulator more power to scrutinise investment of infrastructure, which is being blamed for price rises as it is being done in the name of "reliability standards".

The Council of Australian Government (COAG) will meet on December 7 to consider all these reforms on improving the energy sector.

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Posted by Charlie Moore