Beware of 'illegitimate and unsubstantiated' energy-saving offers

Victoria and NSW have teamed up to help fight a scam organisation that is attempting to swindle elderly residents with phoney energy-saving offers.

Under the title of the 'Australian Electricity Commission', the rogue trader has been presenting itself as a government body able to provide discounts to 'selected' Australians rewarded for paying bills on time, according to minister for consumer affairs Michael O'Brien.

Consumer Affairs Victoria and NSW Fair Trading are aware of reports the group is attempting to sell 'energy-saving' devices that can cut costs by 30 to 40 per cent.

"While there are legitimate energy-saving devices on the market, the products offered by the 'Australian Electricity Commission' don't live up to claims made by the company's salespeople," Mr O'Brien asserted last Friday (November 4).

"Traders such as the so-called 'Australian Electricity Commission' are misrepresenting they are from the government and may be making claims about the device's ability to save energy which have not been substantiated."

Consumers keen to compare electricity rates among the various providers should speak to a switching service, which reviews the options available in specific areas and makes recommendations to everyday Australians.

Posted by Charlie Moore