Best mobile plans can offer more than value for money

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While there may be some things that are universal with the best mobile plans - like minutes-based pricing, multimedia availability and digital storage limits - there can be a world of difference between certain devices and what they can offer users in terms of features.

A good example is the smartphone versus feature phone decision. While feature phones can be cheaper and allow a minimum of fuss, smartphones can offer users access to more connectivity and information.

Having web browsing capability and therefore being able to download apps can enhance the user-friendliness of a smartphone, add to the ways you can communicate with friends and family or increase your ability to access information.

A new app developed by the Life's Little Treasures Foundation aims to help those experiencing difficulty understanding medical jargon associated with neonatal intensive care units (NICU).

The NICU Words app will offer information to smartphone users based on clear explanations of the terms and machinery commonly used in these units.

Founding director of Life's Little Treasures Foundation Parool Shah said that NICU Words will help parents of premature babies negotiate the often confusing world of specialist care, and give them confidence to ask questions about their baby's progress.

Posted by Eve Gillespie