Best mobile plan includes connectivity consideration

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Looking for the best mobile plan can take time and often involves many considerations.

Aspects like price and type of handset may not be as important for users these days - issues like functionality and connectivity are becoming more of a focus, with regular technological advances allowing greater usage options as time goes on.

The onset of Wi-Fi and mobile browser applications has opened the market up to new devices like smartphones which can be connected to the internet - and other users - anytime, anywhere.

And now, into this market comes Telstra with its newest Wi-Fi 4G devices.

The Telstra Mobile Wi-Fi 4G is now available to business clients, and the Big Pond Mobile Wi-Fi 4G service for personal use will be launched on March 27.

Both devices allow connection of up to five users of Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets simultaneously, and offer the fast download and upload speeds that the 4G network offers.

Telstra Mobile director Anthea Roberts said there had been an increase in on-the-go connectivity demand from customers.

"Australians now take a range of Wi-Fi enabled devices with them when they're outside the home and office and for many of our customers the Telstra Mobile Wi-Fi is the 4G product they’ve been waiting for.

"It gives them the chance to bring Australia's fastest mobile internet speed to their existing tablets, laptops, portable games consoles and smartphones."

Posted by Eve Gillespie