Beat electricity prices this summer

If you are worried about the cost of electricity, there are plenty of ways to beat the heat in the summertime that can be easy on your wallet when your next bill arrives.

One simple place to start is your windows as these let heat and light into your home. By keeping your blinds drawn in the daytime, hot air stays out - leaving your living space nice and cool.

Conversely, the evenings are a great time to open up your windows and doors and get some air flowing through your house. This can bring the temperature down to a comfortable level for sleeping, particularly if you have large windows or a screened-in patio door in your bedroom.

If you are still feeling the heat, try using a fan rather than your air conditioner. These use less energy - and if you put a bowl of cold water or some ice cubes in front of the oscillating blades, you will get a similar cooling effect.

In the daytime, try leaving the air conditioning off altogether and head to a cool public place - the local swimming pool is a great way to beat the summer heat, while cinemas and shopping centres are air conditioned for your comfort at no cost to you.

If you must use your air conditioner, it is far better to set your thermostat to a comfortable room temperature than to blast cold air into your living space in frequent bursts. This will help to regulate your home's temperature and regulate your electricity use more effectively.

Cold drinks and frozen snacks are great if you want to cool off on a hot summer's day, but avoid standing with the freezer or refrigerator door open while you agonise over your choices. Letting cold air escape from your appliances will only make them work harder - and use more electricity - on warm days.

If you are worried about rising electricity prices, you may find that savings can be made by making a simple change in supplier.

A switching service can help you through this process - simply make a quick call and find out of there are any better deals to be had in your area. Once you have provided a few basic pieces of information - including your current electricity tariff and your location - we can help you through the steps of making the switch.

Posted by Charlie Moore