Barnaby Joyce accuses government of attacking regional Australia

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Shadow minister for regional development Barnaby Joyce has strongly criticised the federal government's carbon tax, claiming the impact of rising electricity prices will drive up the cost of living for many rural Australians.

"I believe this is the first time that the government has brought about a policy whose modus operandi is to make the Australian people poorer, because poor people can’t buy as much and that’s ultimately the objective," wrote Mr Joyce (July 3).

Mr Joyce argued that, as regional Australia is the centre of most power generation in the country, it is set to be hit hardest by the carbon price, which came into effect on July 1.

Minister for climate change and energy efficiency Greg Combet has rubbished the claims, labelling them "irresponsible" and "baseless".

"Instead of making erroneous claims over and over again, Senator Joyce and the Coalition should come clean about what their subsidies for polluters scheme means for Australians," wrote Mr Combet in a press release dated July 10. 

According to Mr Combet, the coalition's polluter's scheme, intended as an alternative to the carbon tax, will drive up yearly expenses by upwards of $1,300 for the average Australian family.

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Posted by Charlie Moore