Avoiding high electricity prices while keeping cool

Many Sydney residents were still baking through the heat wave at midnight today (January 9) as the temperature hung around the 35-degree mark.

Such was the intense warmth that people actually continued swimming at Bondi beach well into the night yesterday just to obtain some relief.

With electricity prices as high as they currently are, many people don't have the luxury of air conditioning and instead have to stick to fans.

Fans use much less power than air conditioning units, but last night even fans failed to help as they just whipped up the hot air.

However, all is not lost as there are a number of ways to keep cool without asking the 24-hour McDonald's to let you have a sleep in their walk-in freezer.

One way to keep cool is to have a cool bath or shower - a simplistic but effective solution.

As well as this, get an icepack from the freezer, wrap it in paper towelling and place it on your chest or neck while you sleep. The blood flowing through your neck will be cooled and will send it through the rest of your body.

If all else fails, go for a drive in your car for an hour with the air conditioning on. With petrol prices as they are, that may sound excessive - but it can be accommodated on the one night of the year when it is 35 degrees after dark.

Posted by Charlie Moore