Australians increasingly rely on their phones

Australians are becoming increasingly reliant on their mobile phones to plan journeys, research products, stay informed about the world and organise their own busy lives.

With constant upgrades to the capabilities of smartphones and the release of new apps, it is clear that simply keeping in touch with people is no longer the sole purpose of a mobile.

A recent eBay study found that of the 4 million or more smartphone owners in Australia, 1.3 million use their device to both research and purchase items - without necessarily even visiting a physical store at any stage of the process.

According to the research released yesterday (November 16), 46 per cent of smartphone users will employ their mobile phone more frequently heading into the festive season as they research Christmas gift ideas.

In all likelihood this is a trend that will continue to develop at a rapid rate.

When combined with the various other aspects of life people now rely on their phone for, it appears more important than ever to be signed up to the best mobile plan you can find.

If your bills concern you, it may be a good idea to see if a switching service can find a more appropriate deal for your lifestyle.

Posted by Eve Gillespie