Australians feel the pinch of Christmas shopping

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Christmas shopping lists are being torn up or re-written across the country as Australians continue to struggle with the rising cost of living, a recent study shows.

An online survey of 1,000 Daily Telegraph readers was published today (November 15) and the results reveal that people are increasingly concerned about their personal or family finances to such an extent that the issue is affecting festive season gift-buying.

According to the publication, about 30 per cent of shoppers plan to spend $50 or less on presents for each family member this Christmas, while 15 per cent are budgeting less than $20 for every gift.

75.8 per cent of families report having already decided to reduce the number of people they buy for and more than 40 per cent say they worry about the prospect of being unable to provide a Christmas dinner for their family.

However, in many cases households are unwilling to budge on their Christmas ideals and feel that spending money on loved ones at this time of year is a need not a want.

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Posted by Charlie Moore